• June 13, 2024

ICMR Urges Caution: Non-Stick Cookware Linked To Health Risks

In recently released guidelines, ICMR has advised people to not cook in non-stick cookware. It is because cooking in such utensils can result in some harsh health conditions. They added that nonstick cookware has the coating of chemicals like PFOA and PFOS. 

These two chemicals can have adverse effects on health while cooking. While cooking, these chemicals can affect us in the form of smoke. They can also get into our food after using the cookware for a longer period. So, it has been advised to avoid such cookware. 

Instead, they advised to use cookware made of natural materials. They can be of clay or earthen materials. They have different good properties as they are not noxious to the human body. They are also more eco-friendly as they are not made of baneful chemicals. They even have several benefits in terms of cooking techniques. 

For example, if we use cast iron products, then they have even heating properties. Thus, they even help in cooking products properly due to this advantage. 

Non-Stick Cookware

There are various other alternatives like stainless steel products. Even they are great options for those people who are willing to take care of the environment. 

Then, there are also additional benefits of durability. So, using products made of stainless steel and cast iron can be of great help. 

All of these notifications have been an effort made by the ICMR and NIN. They have released a 17-point directive for the people regarding their diet. These points are there to aid people in terms of their health and also the environment. By following these steps people will be able to take better care of their families. 

Additionally, these steps point out the adverse effects of the junk food that we are eating today. This food along with the packaged food is making life worse for us. Thus, ICMR is also advising all of us to avoid things like excessive oil, salt, and sugar. According to them, these are the real reasons for our bad health and various diseases. 

In addition, ICMR has also advised against the use of protein supplements. It is because they have been found to affect the kidneys and bones. They are not necessary for healthy people and a healthy diet can be enough for nutrition. They further added that these supplements have added sugar and additives along with the usual ingredients. Thus, these supplements destroy the purpose of a balanced diet.