• May 22, 2024
India Seeks Mineral Security

India Seeks Mineral Security: Public Sector Giants Go Global 

The Indian government has revealed its strategic initiative to secure the crucial mineral resources needed for clean energy technologies and electric vehicles. This plan would involve the leading public sector companies (PSUs)—like Coal India, NMDC, and ONGC Videsh Ltd (OVL)—actively searching for critical mineral assets on a global scale.  For India, this implies a significant…

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Delhi Airport Soars

Delhi Airport Soars High: Retains Spot Among Top 10 Busiest Globally

DEL The Delhi airport has earned a position in the list of ten busiest international airports in the world. This is represented in the ACI 2023 rankings for major accomplishments and demonstrates a significant recovery of India’s aviation industry. Surge in Passengers and Changes in Rankings In 2023, Delhi Airport registered an incredible increase of…

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Non-Stick Cookware

ICMR Urges Caution: Non-Stick Cookware Linked To Health Risks

In recently released guidelines, ICMR has advised people to not cook in non-stick cookware. It is because cooking in such utensils can result in some harsh health conditions. They added that nonstick cookware has the coating of chemicals like PFOA and PFOS.  These two chemicals can have adverse effects on health while cooking. While cooking,…

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Tea And Coffee

ICMR Urges Limiting Tea And Coffee Consumption Around Meal Times For Better Digestion

Those who are die-hard fans of dieting or love being fit can get some useful tips from this current development. Recently, the Indian Council of Medical Research has initiated a notification regarding our favorite drinks. It is about tea and coffee. These two are the favorite of the masses. However, ICMR has said that people…

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UK’s Graduate Visa

UK’s Graduate Visa Programs Shall Stay, Sunak Plans Restrictions On Foreign Education Agents

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak, is expected to announce a restriction on foreign education agents marketing overseas graduates visa schemes, aiming to extend a tough glance on migration. This comes before the general elections of the year and after the regulator of UK universities warned of strong financial strains on institutions…

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Nutmeg Milk

Unlocking the Power of Nutmeg Milk: Mother Nature – Sleep Aid

In the hunt for a restful night’s sleep, traditionally, people used to drink a nice glass of warm milk. For this reason, warm milk has been given the reputation of a secret to peaceful nights.  Nonetheless, that can be accessed through the combination of the nutmeg with this bedtime ritual, which creates many additional benefits.…

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Openai Declares Chatgpt To Have No Account Requirements

AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT from OpenAI will no longer require users to have an account to communicate. With this news, the field of conversational AI will undergo a significant upheaval and become accessible to all people globally. The decision does away with the account requirement and speaks of OpenAI’s willingness to bring democratization in access to…

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EV Penetration

EV Penetration Will Increase Employment Even if Established Positions Would Be Disrupted.

The broad adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) will result in a net increase in jobs in the coming years, even if there are fewer employment opportunities per EV than every ICE (internal combustion engine) automobile. According to recent research by the International Forum for Environment, Sustainability, and Technology (iFOREST), employment in the passenger automotive manufacturing…

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Kragbuzz Retail

Unveiling the Next Era of Athletic Excellence: Grand Opening of Kragbuzz Retail

In an era where fitness and sports have become an integral part of our daily life, the launch of Kragbuzz Retail- a multi brand sports store heralds a new chapter in the realm of sports apparel, gear and equipment. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Kragbuzz Retail aims to redefine the sporting experience for…

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Glad Bharat Foundation Through Abet Project Ujaas Is Revolutionizing Menstrual Health And Transforming Communities

In the heart of Shikhrawa village, of Nuh district in Haryana, a transformative event unfolded,  spearheaded by the Glad Bharat Foundation under the visionary leadership of Ahmad Shahbazi. The occasion marked a significant step in the realm of menstrual hygiene awareness, as myths were debunked, and mindsets were reshaped to embrace menstruation as a natural…

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