• May 22, 2024
Leadership For Success

“Leadership For Success” book by Astro Strategist and Validation Expert Hirav Shah is Trending on Amazon

In his latest book, “Leadership For Success: Rapid Fire With Hirav Shah,” the author Hirav Shah navigates the art of powerful and effective leadership to empower its readers with the best leadership skills on their journey to achieve inevitable success. Each practical strategy and secret unveiled in this guide dives deep into the core principles…

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Struggling Minds – By  Farida Raj

About the author:  Farida Raj, a mainstream school teacher in Mumbai, turned to special education when she felt she had a lot more to offer to the student community. She trained to teach children with Cerebral Palsy, did in-service training in the UK, and worked at the school run by The Spastic Society of India,…

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