• June 13, 2024

Usha Launches “Crafted for your Lifestyle” Campaign for iChef Air Fryers

Usha International, a major Indian consumer durables company, is promoting its iChef Air Fryers with a new multi-platform campaign called “Crafted for Your Lifestyle.” This campaign demonstrates how the iChef Air Fryer overcomes current life complexities by speeding up and making cooking healthy meals easier.

The centerpiece of this campaign is a 30-second TV ad produced by Illusionist Films. The commercial highlights certain unique attributes of the iChef Air Fryer, such as a borosilicate glass bowl and an illuminated chamber, while cooking various dishes without oil, such as samosas and even vegetables on a grill or lasagna.

This all begins on June 1st, 2024, when a comprehensive media blitz takes place.

Air Fryers
  • Television: During the morning and in the evening, it would be telecast on a few of the English and South Indian news channels. The commercials would also be created in English, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam to provide contact numbers to more people.
  • Print: Ads will appear in some city newspapers after the TV launch.
  • Digital: Finally, the campaign ends with a digital push via social media platforms, among other online spaces, aimed at increasing involvement as well as awareness about our brand.

Usha insists that the iChef Air Fryer is made with modern living in mind. It uses technology and precision engineering to produce healthy, tasty meals that can easily be slotted into hectic routines. 

The campaign seeks to enlighten potential buyers on the various benefits of air fryers by featuring such design elements as a glass bowl made from borosilicate and a digital touch panel, among others. Additionally, it mentions cooking different types of oil-free dishes.


  • Modern life designed
  • Uses technology and precision engineering in healthy cooking
  • Delicious dishes created for busy people
  • Has a borosilicate glass bowl to monitor your food easily
  • Well-lit chamber for viewing food while cooking
  • digital touch panel for simple operations
  • I can cook a variety of recipes without oil

There is a modern and useful appliance that provides healthy and fast food in contrast with the common methods, named the iChef Air Fryer, that targets such consumers. This campaign is timely given that people are increasingly focused on leading healthy lifestyles, but this does not negate the fact that they need quick and easy means of preparing healthy foods at home. 

By displaying its versatility on several media platforms, Usha hopes to catch the eyes of health-conscious cooks and firmly establish the iChef Air Fryer as a must-have kitchen appliance.