• June 13, 2024

A study found that lifestyle changes can prevent and even reverse diabetes.

Recent evidence has shown, based on cross-sectional and intervention studies, that it is possible to prevent diabetes through some small changes in lifestyle. Their study, published in the journal Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome, analyzed 200 people diagnosed with prediabetes. Prediabetes is a medical condition in which the blood glucose is elevated, but the numbers are…

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How to Handle Hotter Days: Food, Diet and Life Hacks for Staying Healthy This Summer

The sun is out, and so are the threats of dehydration and heat stroke. Yep, summer’s here, but don’t fret; we’ve got tips to beat the waves of hot days and the toxic trends that sail with them. Diet to Stay Cool Lifestyle Hacks for Staying Cool Defrost Your Insides Avoid sudden temperature changes: As…

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Desk Dangers: The Silent Threat Of Prolonged Sitting Revealed, Equally Harmful As Smoking

There are several fields or professions that require long sitting hours. However, health professionals are now warning us against the adverse effects of sitting for a long time. It can often be related to several health issues later on. So, in this article, we will start to find out some of the adverse effects of…

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How To Master Home Hygiene?

There are times when we are unable to clean our house thoroughly. If this continues to happen then after some time our home does not look very hygienic and clean. It is because at times we are unable to do our most basic tasks like cleaning our house.  Cleaning our house is not only about…

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Suitable Vegetables

Planting Guide: Uncover The Most Suitable Vegetables To Sow For A Thriving Home Garden This Summer Season

There are numerous vegetables that one can think of when it comes to gardening. However, there are a few that can be grown even in small areas or spaces. Some of them can be tomatoes, chilies, brinjal, okra, or Ladyfinger. These vegetables are effortless to grow and can be bountiful in terms of saving some…

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Nutmeg Milk

Unlocking the Power of Nutmeg Milk: Mother Nature – Sleep Aid

In the hunt for a restful night’s sleep, traditionally, people used to drink a nice glass of warm milk. For this reason, warm milk has been given the reputation of a secret to peaceful nights.  Nonetheless, that can be accessed through the combination of the nutmeg with this bedtime ritual, which creates many additional benefits.…

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MigSpray Takes the Spotlight: The Future of Migraines and Headache Relief, Prevention & Treatment

[Delhi, 21 Feb 2024] – For millions of Indians facing the debilitating grip of migraines, without proper cure and the treatment options are limited. But what if there was a game-changer in migraine management? Presenting MigSpray, a breakthrough nasal spray that’s poised to revolutionize how we tackle migraines and headaches We’ve all heard of migraines…

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PsychiCare's Online Child Counseling

PsychiCare’s Online Child Counseling Reaches NRI Families

In recognition of the growing NRI population and the unique challenges faced by children living abroad, PsychiCare, a leading provider of online child mental health counseling, today announced the expansion of its services to include online child counseling specifically tailored for NRI families. “Understanding the specific needs of children growing up in a foreign country…

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Nidhi Gupta

Unveiling the journey of Nidhi Gupta: Your partner in achieving Fitness Excellence & her important weight Loss Tips

In a world that’s constantly evolving, the importance of health and wellness has never been more evident. Nidhi Gupta, a name that resonates with empowerment and transformation, stands as a beacon of inspiration in the fitness industry. An ACE-certified coach, internationally recognized fitness expert, and health coach, pre/postnatal fitness specialist Nidhi is not only a…

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Dietary Tips For Losing Weight

Dietary Tips For Losing Weight

Eating Right in the Morning Diet and weight loss go hand in hand because eating too many calories is one of the main reasons people gain weight. An eating routine that is high in calories and fats can provoke weight gain, which subsequently imperils the individual for various clinical issues like coronary sickness, diabetes, and…

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