• June 13, 2024

ICMR Urges Limiting Tea And Coffee Consumption Around Meal Times For Better Digestion

Those who are die-hard fans of dieting or love being fit can get some useful tips from this current development. Recently, the Indian Council of Medical Research has initiated a notification regarding our favorite drinks.

It is about tea and coffee. These two are the favorite of the masses. However, ICMR has said that people should try to avoid drinking too much of these. It is because of the health reasons. These two drinks have been found to have some harmful effects on the body if used up in sizable measure regularly.

They said that 150 ml of coffee has eighty to 120 mg of caffeine. A cup of instant coffee has around 50 to 65 mg. Along with all this, a cup of tea has thirty to 65 mg. 


They even said that consuming caffeine in excess of 300 mg can be harmful. They added that one must also avoid having tea or coffee one hour before or after the meal. It is because they have tannins, that can cause problems in the nutrient absorption of food. It is because they bind to iron and then can cause issues in iron absorption. It may result in iron deficiency in some people.

They further added that iron deficiency can result in anemia. One can also suffer from high blood pressure and cardiac irregularities due to excessive caffeine.

They suggested that one must also consume tea without milk. As it may help in staying away from coronary diseases and stomach cancer. It is because tea without milk can result in better blood circulation.

They even suggested that one must have a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, seafood, and whole grains. There must also be less consumption of sugar, salt, and oil intake. 

They even added that people must avoid protein supplements. It is because they are the reason for the rise in the number of premature deaths in India. Additionally, the guidelines have 17 points that are a result of collaboration between ICMR and the National Institute of Nutrition for a healthy future.  

All of this has come after the deadly encounter of coronavirus. Due to the pandemic, several people are now very concerned about their health. Thus, people are now paying attention to diet-related things in their daily lives. There has also been a rise in gyms in every city as people are trying to get into one for fitness.