• June 13, 2024

How to Handle Hotter Days: Food, Diet and Life Hacks for Staying Healthy This Summer

The sun is out, and so are the threats of dehydration and heat stroke. Yep, summer’s here, but don’t fret; we’ve got tips to beat the waves of hot days and the toxic trends that sail with them.

  • Drink plenty of water and settle for 1.5 liters per day unless a medical condition necessitates an adjustment. Good hydration is associated with pale yellow or white urine, while darker urine indicates dehydration.
  • Electrolyte imbalances are serious. Therefore, when your drinking water contains some pinches of unionized salt, it helps replace electrolytes lost from sweating.
  • Avoid sweetened drinks: Steer clear of dehydrating liquids like juices and carbonated drinks, as well as too much coffee or alcohol. Take herbal tea and water instead.

Diet to Stay Cool

  • Light cooking meals: Go for lighter meals that are easily digestible. Avoid fried foods; hot foods cause us to sweat more than we need to. Processed snacks and sugary drinks are also drying the body.
  • Keep yourself hydrated: Always drink plenty of water and other fluids like buttermilk, coconut water, lemon water, etc. since you lose a lot of water through excessive sweating.

Lifestyle Hacks for Staying Cool

  • Seek shade: Avoiding vigorous activity during cooler mornings or evenings while wearing a hat and protective clothing is advised.
  • Dress well: Choose clothes made of breathable cotton that are loose-fitting, absorb sweat, and keep the sun away from you.
  • Cold Shower: 2, because you’re taking cold showers—mostly after your workouts.
  • Wear sunscreen!: It’s important to apply it having (an SPF) of 50 or higher to protect yourself from those harmful UV sun rays.

Defrost Your Insides

  • Eat curd rice for lunch: This lactobacillus-infused dish aids digestion and has cooling properties.
  • Chill-out beverages: Drink coconut water, buttermilk, or infused water with fruits and herbs for rehydration after workouts or just for general refreshment purposes.
  • Natural chillers: Include gond katira (edible gum) and gulkand (rose petal jam) in your diet. These have a dried natural air conditioning effect, which relieves you from summer heat.

Avoid sudden temperature changes: As much as possible, do not expose yourself to very cold air conditioners since drastic temperature differences may cause severe health problems.

One tip, too, is to carry an umbrella that may shield you from the direct sun rays on your head.

If you can incorporate these tips into your lifestyle this summer, it will be possible for you to stay calm, cool, and refreshed throughout. To do this, however, keep in mind that even a little bit of planning and self-awareness are great assets for battling against hot weather conditions and enjoying the sunnier seasons!