• June 15, 2024

Desk Dangers: The Silent Threat Of Prolonged Sitting Revealed, Equally Harmful As Smoking

There are several fields or professions that require long sitting hours. However, health professionals are now warning us against the adverse effects of sitting for a long time. It can often be related to several health issues later on. So, in this article, we will start to find out some of the adverse effects of sitting ideally for a longer duration.

Chronic diseases

The first and foremost disadvantage of sitting ideally for a longer duration is the risk of chronic diseases. It has been found that sitting for a duration of time without any physical activity can result in several health issues. Some of those issues can be obesity, heart disease, and events some kinds of cancer. People having such habits can often have type 2 diabetes also.

Muscle weakness and effect on body circulation

The second biggest disadvantage of seating ideally is muscle weakness. It can happen because of no physical activity for a longer duration of time. These can often cause imbalance due to the lack of muscle strength and flexibility. These things often occur in the legs and lower body parts. Hence, individuals can often experience posture problems and musculoskeletal issues.

It can also related to the circulation of body fluids. It is especially true for blood circulation, and can often result in blood clots. Some other issues related to these disadvantages are swollen ankles and even varicose veins.

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Metabolic issues and body pain

The other known disadvantage can be the metabolic slowdown. It can often result in poor levels of blood sugar and blood pressure. There can also be some issues like obesity.

The lack of physical activities can often result in an increased risk of back and neck pain. These can be a result of strain on the spine. In addition, issues like severe pain in various body parts can develop over time.

So, these are some of the demerits of sitting ideally for a longer duration of time. It can often result in various other serious health-affecting issues. So, it is beneficial for us to keep taking regular breaks. If any serious need arises, then we can also get some help from professionals.

Otherwise, the adverse effects can be similar to that of smoking and obesity. There are various ways to deal with such health problems. Also, if we pay attention to physical activities, then it can be beneficial in removing such health issues.