• June 13, 2024

Insider Tips: IFS Officer Offers Crucial Dos And Don’ts Ahead Of UPSC CSE Prelims 2024

There are a number of people who are aspiring to be an IFS officer. Ramesh Bishnoi has been able to achieve this feat on 4 occasions. He has been able to clear the UPSC examination five times. For the UPSC aspirants of the year 2024, he has some very crucial tips. So, in this article, we will look at some of the suggestions that we need to consider for the exam. These are the suggestions that we need to follow for the examination according to him.

The first step that the aspirants need to avoid is new study materials. It is very essential for them to remember that buying new study materials regularly will not help them in any way. The thing that they need to consider is revising their notes and the chapters they have covered. Revising and practicing the materials that they already have is the best thing to do for the UPSC examinations.

IFS Officer

The next thing is to take as many mock tests as possible. It is because regular practice and consistent practice helps in the preparation of the examination. It even allows you to go through various kinds of questions on the same topic.

The next thing for them to realize is their performance. So, it is important for them to evaluate their mock answers and then learn from their mistakes. It is extremely important because it helps in avoiding errors during the examination.

The next important thing that the aspirants need to focus on is the priority. They need to learn that it is vital to set priorities while going through a particular subject. It is also important to remember that quality takes precedence over quantity. So, all the questions they are trying in the mock test are not important. Among all the things that they face or practice, only a certain percentage of specific chapters or subjects are relevant.

It is also pivotal to focus on the previous year’s question papers. It is because there are several questions in the UPSC examination that are repetitive. So, it is important to go through and practice question papers from the last 10 years.

It is also vital to practice mock tests from several coaching centers. It is because, at times, UPSC loves surprising applicants. So, it is important to try different kinds of mock question papers. It is because it will give the aspirants exposure to different types of questions from different topics.

He also emphasized that it is vital to focus on the fundamental subjects. Some of them are political science, geography, and economics.