• February 21, 2024
Junior Wrestlers Demonstrate and Yell Obscenities At Sakshi, Bajrang, And Vinesh

Junior Wrestlers Demonstrate and Yell Obscenities At Sakshi, Bajrang, And Vinesh

Numerous young wrestlers urged that juniors resume training and competitions, accusing the senior trio for taking a year off. The continuing wrestling controversy took a new turn on Wednesday when hundreds of teenage wrestlers staged a sit-in protest, asking that age-group competitors resume training and tournaments. They blamed elders Bajrang Punia, Sakshi Malik, and Vinesh…

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Bulky Marketing: Pioneering Digital Marketing in Post-COVID Era

In the wake of the global pandemic, traditional marketing took a backseat, paving the way for innovative approaches. One such evolution is the transformation of Parswanath Event Management into the digital realm with its online marketing arm – Bulky Marketing. Background: Parswanath Event Management, based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, was a stalwart in offline marketing.…

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Dr. Vinod Prakash

Dr. Vinod Prakash: A Healing Hand for Indian Smokers, Transforming Lives with Proven Quitting Method

In a world clouded by the haze of tobacco, Dr. Vinod Prakash emerges as a beacon of hope for Indian smokers, offering a tested and effective method to quit and stay smoke-free. Having quit smoking himself five years ago, Dr. Prakash combines personal experience with three years of dedicated research to become a guiding light…

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Srinath’s Incredible Journey: From Village Beginnings to Photography Stardom

In the serene village of Gajwel, Telangana, a young man named Srinath embarked on a journey that would take him from capturing the everyday moments of village life to becoming a celebrated photographer. His story is one of simplicity, determination, and a deep passion for storytelling through the lens. Srinath’s love for photography blossomed as…

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Bhavans Vivekananda Students Spearhead Social Media Revolution

Bhavans Vivekananda Students Spearhead Social Media Revolution with Badthameez Tech

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Badthameez Tech has joined forces with the creative minds of Bhavans Vivekananda College students to revolutionize social media marketing. The tech company’s innovative approach to brand promotion has taken a unique turn, enlisting the talent of college students to craft engaging reels and elevate brands’ presence on Instagram. This partnership marks…

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Zomato Has A New Announcement For 1.6 Cr Job At IIT Delhi Campus, Claims Take That The Process Has Happened Before

Recently Zomato has started offering a massive opportunity to the students at IIT Delhi Campus with jobs for over 1.6 Cr for the position of Algorithms Engineer during the season placements take place. The online food delivery platform has an extensive and an interesting approach that seems to have created hype amongst everyone in the…

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Crypto Comeback: Bitcoin Surges Past $38000 in Year-Defining Rally

Bitcoin, the global digital currency, witnessed a significant upswing on Friday, surpassing the $38,000 threshold for the first time this year. This optimistic trend, indicating a 1.5% increase, correlates with the trajectory seen in prominent cryptocurrencies such as Ether and Solana, as stated by CNBC. Multiple influential factors played a role in driving this surge…

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Vani Gupta

Vani Gupta, Secures Global Third Place and Takes Home First in India at Prestigious ICODE Global Hackathon 2023

9-Year-Old Vani Gupta, Secures Global Third Place and Takes Home First in India at Prestigious ICODE Global Hackathon 2023, World’s Largest Coding Competition with 2.5Million+ kids participated globally Achieving 3rd place globally in a prestigious ICODE Global Hackathon 2023 a  Coding Competition for children is a remarkable feat for Vani Gupta, a resident from Noida…

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Trio of Talent- Viraj Ghelani, Manasi Parekh, and Parthiv Gohil

A Trio of Talent: Viraj Ghelani, Manasi Parekh, and Parthiv Gohil Unite for Unforgettable Horror Comedy

Social media sensation Viraj Ghelani is all set to make his debut in Gujarati cinema with the Horror comedy “Jhamkudi” produced by Parthiv Gohil and Manasi Parekh under their banner “Soul Sutra Studios”. “It will be an out and out entertainer with equal amounts of thrill to keep the audience hooked till the end”, says…

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PsychiCare's Online Child Counseling

PsychiCare’s Online Child Counseling Reaches NRI Families

In recognition of the growing NRI population and the unique challenges faced by children living abroad, PsychiCare, a leading provider of online child mental health counseling, today announced the expansion of its services to include online child counseling specifically tailored for NRI families. “Understanding the specific needs of children growing up in a foreign country…

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