• May 22, 2024

The Wrestling Federation Of India: Return To Power In 10 Days

The wrestling federation of India is led by Sanjay Singh. A member of the federation named Brij Bhushan was recently accused of sexual harassment. This happened with the female wrestlers. Over the years, he has been known as the Varanasi loyalist. He conducted several national-level wrestling competitions in Pune. The blame put on him is a serious allegation that proved to be important for the committee. 

Singh is confident that he will convince the government. They will revoke the suspension in 10 days. The committee members and people from outside have been stuck in a position to set up the sexual harassment case. They have claimed to find the redressal to these complaints only in a court environment. Singh insisted that Brij has not invested in wrestling but he gets free access to run the academy in the state of Uttar Pradesh. 

Wrestling started in 2008 as a hobby. Over the years, it has evolved as a famous sport to be played all over the world. Around the globe, different and some of the best players have been taking part in wrestling competitions. These people have decided to propose to the government that the decision is wrong. Maximum to maximum it would take 10 days to evoke the blame put on the committee. 

The Wrestling Federation Of India: Return To Power In 10 Days

Also, since the demand for the sport has been increasing day by day, each member seems energetic. There are new people joining teams. Around 4-5, new females and males have been introduced. Nobody can play and take part in these committees on their basis. There are rules and specifications that people should not play against. Every individual should know how to welcome good wrestlers in the team in a very warm and hospitable manner to maintain good freinships.