• June 14, 2024

Samsung Announces Galaxy S24 Ultra: An Artificial Intelligence Model

Recently, Samsung launched its new phone Galaxy S24 which is no less than an artificial intelligence model. The features of this model are created in a manner that is beneficial for the customers. It is made with better productivity and creativity and the features are smooth. The phone has an amazing quality of translating text from whichever application. It can also translate English into not just the native language but others. There are different types of inbuilt language systems inside the phone.

The model has been advanced in different scenarios and one of them is also camera quality. The camera quality extends to 10 times and this can capture your far away things and surroundings. The time-lapse feature is also mind-blowing once you start using the phone. The phone has been categorized as an AI model because of its excellent features and attributes. 

While the person is editing any particular image, there is a button to move objects. This can help remove background disturbances, edit the image, and even erase unnecessary items. The phone can also create customized wallpapers. For this, you just need to demand and tell the phone to generate artificial intelligent-based theme wallpaper for your lock and home screens.

The look of the phone is an art with a silk touch finish to it. It is different from the previous one but in a good way. When you look at the top, there is a small frame blending perfectly into the display of the phone. The storage is excellent and the image quality saved in the device is better than before. The battery life is as impressive and long-lasting as 48 hours. Get your hands on this amazing device now. The prominent and beautiful changes are worth it.