• June 13, 2024

First Grandmaster In Pakistan After Mir Sultan

Sultan Khan was famously known as the manservant of a Nawab. The family lived in Punjab before the partition happened. He was a legendary chess player. He was known for his work in the whole Asian area of the world and how good he was at it. He was bestowed prestigiously with the British Chess championship in three years which were 1929, 1931, and 1932. Mir Sultan is India’s first grandmaster ever in the history of this country.

He was from a place named Sargodha. This place is now situated in the northeast part of Pakistan. He also played thrice from the side of England. He defeated the world chess champion of that time. He also came up with two of the biggest chess players in the world. Sultan knew all of the game with so much perfection and dedication. He took all the important knowledge about chess from his father. 

His father used to take very small things and not speed up the rush process. He made him learn all the traditional chess rules. All the rules earlier played in India are very different from the new and modern chess rules. Sultan knew nothing about English speaking and writing skills therefore it was difficult for him to learn from books. After he earned the luxurious fame, name, and money he died in the year 1966. His cause of death was his disease tuberculosis.

General Nawab saw his talent and provided him with enough support to nurture his passion. Pakistan had a very famous newspaper column that everybody used to read. In that newspaper, an article was published claiming that the Sultan used to do work and errands along with some odd jobs in the Haveli of Nawab. Despite being illiterate in the English language and not knowing a single word to speak and write, he became the first grandmaster of the country Pakistan.

First Grandmaster In Pakistan After Mir Sultan

If we look at the present state of the country, the top player is Mohamed Zohaib Hassan. He has a rating of 2269 in the game. Various issues and controversies arose on the internet after his death. Had it been someone else from an Indian name, the issue would have been much greater and more difficult to handle. If you want to know more about chess or this story, make sure you follow the news updates online and keep yourself informed.