• June 13, 2024

The First Heatwave Of This Season Has Already Been Issued For Konkan And Kutch Regions

According to a report published in the Hindustan Times, it is still the month of February but the effects of climate change is been experienced across different parts of India. Quite recently it was shared that Mumbai shall experience a heatwave soon and now similar news comes from the Konkan and Kutch regions too. Larger parts across northwest and west India including multiple Himalayan towns have recorded a rise in temperature between five to ten degrees Celsius about the normal range during this time.

The official weather forecast has alerted stating a prediction is been made that the temperatures across these regions shall reach around thirty-seven to thirty-nine degrees Celsius. There is a high chance that across the Konkan and the Kutch regions there might not be any spring season this time and the region shall directly move into summer. The weather officials have also told that it is the first time that the heatwave alert has been issued in so much advance. Generally, such alerts are sent out during the month of March.

First Heatwave
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The IMD has told that larger parts across northwest and northwest and west India including multiple Himalayan towns too have recorded an increase in the temperature by five to ten degrees Celsius above normal. In the capital, the maximum temperature has remained over thirty-one degrees Celsius and for the next three to four days the temperature during the day is to remain like this. 

There is also news about the persistence of an anti-cyclone across Gujrat and its neighboring regions. Because of this reason, the air is warmer now just like what happened during the last spring season. Speaking about it the director general of IMD, M Mohapatra has said that when there is a situation of cyclone in the weather, the air becomes compressed turning the weather abnormally warmer. 

The current increase in the temperature by five to ten degrees Celsius is a result of this anti-cyclonic intervention in the atmosphere. This situation is more intense across Gujarat, Kutch, Saurashtra, and a few other regions too. In these places, the temperature may also reach more than eight degrees Celsius than normal. 

As far as northwest India is concerned, this condition is about to persist at least till the twenty-first of February. After that, a cyclonic circulation is expected to form across Haryana and Punjab. It would also bring a change in the pattern of the winds between south-westerly up to north-westerly. This situation may further end up bringing a little relief across north India.

Mohapatra has also added that if this anti-cyclonic persistence remains then across many other parts of India too the temperatures are going to be abnormally high. Last year, during the months of March and April the temperatures were the highest for the months in the last hundred and twenty years. Yesterday even the different hilly regions such as Shimla and Manali to have shown an abnormally high temperatures.