• May 24, 2024

Stalin Writes Down His Opinions About Ravi And Sends It To The President

Recently, the chief minister of Tamil Nadu M.K. Stalin wrote a letter to the president of India Droupadi Murmu giving his views about Governor R.N. Ravi. Stalin also went ahead and complained about the Governor of India suggesting that he is unfit to be a governor.

The letter contained a complaint of Stalin against the Governor. According to the chief minister of Tamil Nadu, the governor’s decision was biased when he did not permit the prosecution of former AIADMK ministers. 

According to Stalin, the AIADMK ministers were facing corruption charges. In addition, Stalin also accused Ravi of trying to dismiss Minister V. Senthil Balaji as soon as possible. Minister V. Senthil Balaji was arrested due to corruption charges.

image source:https://images.indianexpress.com/2022/11/MK-Stalin-1-1.jpeg?w=640

The complaint of the chief minister did not end there. He also added that the governor of India has a deep-seated animosity with Tamil Nadu. Not just the state and the political leaders of the state, but the governor also despises the people, culture, and literature of Tamil Nadu, said chief minister Stalin.

What did the letter contain?

After mentioning the reason behind writing the letter, Stalin listed multiple charges against R.N Ravi in the letter. The list of charges contained degradation of Tamil literature, an insult to the Indian Constitution, incitation of communal tensions, etc.

The list also contained some other charges like disregard for the government, breach of state affairs, deliberate delay in assent to bills, interference in the police investigation, and promotion of divisive ideologies. According to Stalin, the governor posed a threat to the democracy of India by doing all these things.

After listing down all the charges against the governor of India, Stalin asked the president to decide whether R.N. Ravi is fit for the position of Governor. Stalin said that according to him Ravi should not be the governor. 

A copy of the letter written by Stalin to Droupadi Murmu was published on July 9 by the press. The letter caused quite a stir as it went viral on social media platforms after its release.