• February 23, 2024

Congress Claims That The ‘Unreasonable Limits’ Put On The Sale Of Rice By OMSS’ Misfired’ Miserably

The Congress criticized the Centre for ending the sale of foodgrains from its pool to state governments as a “political decision” meant to “sabotage” the Karnataka government’s “Anna Bhagya” scheme on Tuesday, saying the “unreasonable restrictions” placed on the sale of rice under the Open Market Sale Scheme have “misfired” severely.

Due to pressure from inflation and worries about the monsoon, the Centre officially stopped selling rice and wheat to state governments under the Open Market Sale Scheme (OMSS) on June 13.

According to the Congress, the Anna Bhagya program of the Karnataka administration was intended to be destroyed by the action. Jairam Ramesh, general secretary of the Congress, claimed in a tweet that the Modi administration attempts to be brilliant but ends up being too clever by half.

He claimed that the excessive limits put on the selling of rice under the Open Market Selling Scheme (OMSS) at Rs. 34/kg had failed miserably due to the shockingly low offtake of rice.

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Although it is in the best interests of 140 crore people to utilize excess food stock, between January and May 2023, over 95% of FCI sales to states were made by Karnataka alone, according to him. He cited this as the time the state’s BJP-led administration held power.

“Election results are released on May 13. A BJP defeat is severe. Congress forms a new government. On June 13, 2023, the FCI ceased supplying rice to the states through OMSS. Its selling order from June 12 was revoked to undermine the Congress’ Anna Bhagya, which is exclusive to Karnataka, according to Ramesh.

Let’s pay attention to the ongoing Rs. 20 per kg sale of rice for ethanol, he remarked. More importantly, according to the general secretary of Congress, it shouldn’t send officers to defend what is a pitiful political choice.