• June 19, 2024

Sawansukha Launches Collection ‘Bind Runes’ In Collaboration With Sussanne Khan

Sawansukha is one of India’s top jewellery brands with a homegrown legacy. They have just unveiled their new collection of jewellery named Bind Runes. The collection is specially designed by the very famous fashion designer Sussane Khan.

The whole collection is made of pure facets and includes very special exquisite pieces that draw inspiration from the ancient symbol of the runes. The collection perfectly embodies the mysticism and rich cultural heritage of the Norse and Viking civilizations.

The newly launched collection features various designs, from intricate and delicate to statement and bold jewellery. The creators carefully select the runes design used in the collection to ensure that every piece is imbued with a specific meaning and significance, such as strength, protection, love, etc.

Skilled artisans carefully craft every collection piece, only using the choicest materials, including diamonds, gold, and precious stones. On the launch of the collection at the Swansukhas flagship store in Kolkata, the MD of the Swansukha Jewellers, Siddharth R Swansukha, stated that this collection is very special as they have sued a wide range of colours.

image source:https://images.indulgexpress.com/uploads/user/ckeditor_images/article/2023/4/28/Siddhart_Sawansukha_n_Sussane_Khan.JPG?w=700&dpr=1.5

He described this collection as the jewellery of the new generation and not just by age but also by heart. Many intricate designs and shapes have been used in the collection pieces, and for the first time, they have created jewellery that can be taken as an art piece, and it is a unique concept on its own.

Sussane Khan also stated that everyone likes to carry their unique aura inside and out. As people spend more time with their conscience, they get to know their personality better, which helps them present their unique abilities through the jewellery they wear.

With this new collection, Bind Runes, the designer Sussanne Khan wanted to portray not just any jewellery piece but rather than a piece of art which is in inspired by something that highly resonated with the newer generation, and that is simple but yet a statement, something that is bold and stands out as collection and also something someone can carry with them, especially for the females of our new generation.

While speaking about the new collection, the founder of Bind Runes and a spokesperson at Pune Facets, Pavitra Gandhi, stated that one of the ideas behind creating Bind Runes is combining two arts, jewellery and design, to result in something unique.

As they are the third generation of diamantaires, they wanted to put forward only the best designs and their expertise through this collection. The brand Swansukha comes with a legacy of eight generations. They originated as jewellers in Rajasthan.

The pieces by Swansukha come from a wide range comprising exclusive Calcutta craftsmanship in diamond, jade, and gold. Their operations range from manufacturing to retail, wholesale, design, and export. The brand operates five retail outlets across the cities of Siliguri and Kolkata.

If defined in simple words, then the collection is bold, youthful, and colourful, and at the same time, it is also inspired by the mysticism of the Norse civilizations and Vikings, which makes the collection more special. The collection incorporates runic symbols into earrings, rings, cuffs, and necklaces.