• June 14, 2024

India’s First Ever Handbags Made From Banana Gets Launched By Rashki

Rashki is one of the most popular and loved sustainable fashion brands in India. Now the brand has come with an association with Banofi Leather, and together, they are launching for the first time in India a range of handbags produced using banana leather, thus creating a sustainable alternative for animal weather that come from crop waste.

The launch of the brand comes at a wonderful time, as nowadays, the growth of the sustainable fashion market in India is getting good by the day. On the launch of handbags, the Co-Founder of Rashki Rahula Jain expressed his feelings by commenting on sustainable fashion in India.

According to Rahul Jain, a sustainable lifestyle is getting picked up by more and more people as consumers are getting more conscious about their way of living by making more sustainable choices in their daily lives, thus internalizing the concept of sustainable fashion. This is also a clear indication that consumer preferences are evolving.

Rashki is one of India’s most loved sustainable fashion brands and is part of the lives of more than 40,000 consumers. With its vegan products like cruelty-free accessories and bags, the brand is also working towards bringing more to the table. They constantly work towards bringing a better alternative for leather.

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Banofi has surely found the right partner and is working with them towards creating a new range of plant-based and cruelty-free leather handbags that promise to bring a wow feeling to all of their consumers. On top of that, all of the thrilling plant-based leather is made in India.

As consumer awareness and preference are increasing by the day thus, an alternative to leather is receiving a lot of exciting developments in the market. The team of Banofi has developed an innovative method to convert banana waste into a robust alternative to leather to create some amazing handbags.

Now all that’s left to see is how much the plant-based alternatives will be able to capture in the $400 billion leather market. In the beginning, many brands are going for leather alternatives. They are fully confident about the durability, texture, and feel of the alternative leather products compared to the real leather.

Banofi Leather has decided to invest two years in R&D to develop the next generation of banana leather which is supposed to be world-class. This also helps the brand achieve the same animal leather feel, texture, and durability while reducing up to 85% of its carbon and water footprint. This also leads to the direct integration of sustainability into the fashion business.

Using a leather alternative also ensures the progression towards a future in which we are much more responsible. This step taken by Banofi is the definition of being revolutionary as they are upcycling the banana crop waste while providing an additional income to all of the farmers.

In this process, they generate no toxic waste at all. Thus, Rashki is also excited to be a part of plant-based leather production, which is fully made in India. All of their products are available on their website and later will also be available in other marketplaces.