• May 22, 2024

Health Complications That Occur From Diabetes

Diabetes has always been one of the major health concerns not only in India but also across the world as well. Currently, there are about eighty million people in this country who are suffering from diabetes. By 2045 it is expected that this number will further rise to make it hundred and thirty-five million diabetic…

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Goa Passed A New Bill Which Allows The Industries To Purchase Agricultural Lands For Farming

On Tuesday the state Government of Goa said that out of the total announcements that they have made during the budget of 2022 and 2023, thirty-four percent have been taken care of and achieved. The action with regard to the remaining sixty-two percent out of the hundred and seventy announcements will be taken care of…

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India Scripts A 2-0 Win Against Kyrgyz In The Finals Of The Tri-Nation Football Tournament

The Indian football head coach Igor Stimac had kept his word as promised on the eve of the match. A draw on Tuesday at Imphal’s Khuman L Stadium would have made India the winner of the tri-nation football tournament. But as promised, the team had shown a brilliant display of skills during the game and…

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You Can Now Browse The Internet Through ChatGPT

ChatGPT of OpenAI has now brought in many new possibilities for people. In November 2022 since its launch, the chatbot which is powered by AI has become the talk of the industry very soon. It has the capacity to create content in natural language from different prompts. Within a very short time span, the chatbot…

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Army Chief

India Requires Capabilities For Tackling The Grey Zone Warfare Says The Army Chief

According to a report published in The Times Of India, General Manoj Pandey has told on Wednesday that, India right now requires the capabilities for negating or mitigating the grey zone warfare which is pursued by Pakistan and China. It shall keep them on the back foot and prevent them from causing disturbances in India,…

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Fish Oil

Omega 3 Fish Oil From Nveda Will Complete Your Diet

According to an article published in E Times, with global attention and progress in technology, medical sciences have made significant development in this twenty-first century. It has detected many unknown variables which are impacting health. In general, now after the pandemic, people have become more conscious about their health and disregarding detrimental habits. Towards the…

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creative side in Covid

How students of Delhi explored their creative side in Covid

While Vanshika, a Delhi-based Class XI student, wanted to be useful during the epidemic because it was so tense, we were all locked in Covid-19. The student used Sarah Widdershins’ friendship and love story as a vehicle for her self-realization in order to turn her positivism into something practical. Now a book has been written…

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The Delhi-Meerut Expressway Is Making Green Way

According to an article published in The Times Of India, the newly constructed Eastern Peripheral Highway has put on prevention over the entry of a larger number of trucks in Delhi which tends to add to pollution in a major way. This can help in avoiding more than fifteen lakh tons of carbon dioxide emissions…

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Coca-Cola With Tiger Shroff

Coke Zero, Honthon Pe, The New Marketing Campaign Of Coca-Cola With Tiger Shroff

According to a report published in ET Brand Equity, the newly introduced Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is all set to refresh millions of fans across India holding hands with the campaign Best Taste Ever? The brand has roped in Tiger Shroff the youth icon for its latest campaign Best Taste Ever? One of the spokespersons from…

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Human Body

The Human Body Is Capable Of Predicting Mealtimes

According to an article published in the Hindustan Times, a recent study made at the University of Surrey confirms that the human body has the capacity of predicting the timing of meals and it can even say how frequently the body needs food too. Furthermore, the researchers have also found out that the rhythms in…

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