• July 20, 2024

The Title Of Global Chess League Champions Went To Triveni Continental Kings This Year

This year the Global Chess League was played for the first time. In the very first championship, the Triveni Continental Kings won the title of champions after defeating Mumba Masters. 

The finals were between Danish Grandmaster Jonas Bjerre from Triveni Continental Kings and Javokhir Sindarov from upGrad Mumba Masters. Both players ended up in a sudden death match in which Bjerre defeated Sindarov and won the championship.

A tough game between the Kings and the Masters

Even though Triveni Continental Kings won the league championship, the match was not easy. Both players were giving tough competition to each other. After a total of three tie-breakers, the winner was finally announced.

In the first tie-breaker, there were two rounds of rapid. However, both rounds ended in a draw as the players played well. In the second round of the tie-breaker, two blitz rounds were played. To everyone’s surprise, these two rounds also ended in a draw.

For the final tie-breaker, a sudden-death blitz game was chosen. After four sudden-death blitz games, the winner was finally announced. Thus, after three long rounds of tie-breakers, Triveni Continental Kings finally took the trophy home.

Image Source : https://images.indianexpress.com/2023/07/TRIVENI-KINGS-CROP.jpg?w=640

At the beginning of the tournament, the performance of Bjerre was weak and disappointing. Being an inexperienced player in the global chess tournament, Bjerre took his time to understand the game.

However, Bjerre is the reason Triveni Continental Kings were able to take the title of champions home. Bjerre displayed phenomenal skills and successfully delivered the victory to his team in the end moment.

In addition to the title of champion, Bjerre also won 500,000 US Dollars in prize money. While the title of champion is for the whole team to share, the prize money is only for Bjerre.

Even though such a display of skills was not expected from the inexperienced player of the Triveni Continental Kings, he stunned everyone at the end after winning the final tie-breaker. Thus, Bjerre has proved that skills matter as much as experience.