• June 17, 2024

Opa! Bar & Cafe- A Tapestry of Elegance!

There is no doubt that the cuisines of the Middle East are growing immensely in terms of popularity. Whether it’s Persian, Turkish or Iranian, diners are willing to experiment with all kinds of culinary dexterity that these multifarious cuisines have to offer. What is the first dish that springs to your mind when you think of Arabic food? It has to be Hummus. The ethos and culture of Opa! Bar and Cafe is evident from its Mediterranean decor and exquisite menu.

Opa! — In Greek, deciphers as delightness or happiness, which is Opa! Bar and Cafe have been spreading since 23rd November 2015. Opa! Bar and Cafe have been a front runner for the B-Town celebs and youngsters since its outset when they paint the town red, making it a most happening place in the city. It is the perfect place to explore something new, fresh, and radically different on all occasions.

Bar & Cafe

Opa! Bar & Café is the cream of the nightlife sector and post the lounging hours, the bar section of this space evolves into a full-blown nocturnal hotspot for people to swing by and make the most of the space. So, one can expect an extensive space with Middle Eastern arts and crafts, scattered tastefully. Opa! celebrates middle eastern culture in all its glory. The main restaurant is divided into two sections – the bar, and the cafe.

The Bar serves eclectic cocktails that transcend boundaries! The bar is also a spotlight where one can sip on a variety of concoctions, from G&Ts to other spirits. Crafted by their team of skilled mixologists, the cocktail menu showcases a symphony of flavors, carefully curated to delight the senses and ignite the imagination.

If you want to let the mixologist surprise your taste buds, Pomona (Goddess of fruit), is a good bet. It is currently the best cocktail, infused with feta and Gin, and has a tropical taste of watermelon combined with Aperol and acids, making it a masterpiece on its own. GTA, is a tequila-clarified drink, embodying the perfect balance of taste, presentation, and creativity.

Bar & Cafe

According to the Director of Peninsula Group of Hospitality, Gaurav Shetty, “ Opa! Bar and Cafe have been sprinkling its Middle Eastern magic all over the city for 8 years with its extravagant cuisine, especially Hummus and ethereal cocktails. Opa! Bar and Cafe have become highly favored restaurants for celebs and city dwellers as well. We offer an extravagant ambiance of the bar and cafe with delicious dishes from our extensive menu for rejuvenating oneself.”

The menu, helmed by Chef Pintu Roy and Chef Rajkumar, is a playful spin on exquisite hummus amidst catering alongside flavors without bounds. Housed within the restaurant’s kitchen, Chef Roy and Chef Rajkumar curated bold and authentic flavors of Hummus. The menu lists a plethora of hummus, from spicy Chilli rosemary hummus to

Beiruti hummus, Msabbahh to robustly made Beetroot hummus, and delightful Truffle Hummus, this culinary voyage will transport you to far-off lands. Hummus, with its creamy texture and rich flavors, pairs wonderfully with Fresh Pita, Lavash, and Crispy pita goes exceptionally well.

The new favorite is the Truffle Hummus, Zaatar chicken with hummus pita is one of the most adorned dishes from their extensive menu. Opa! serves a Cold Mezze Platter as well as a Hot Mezze Platter Falafel wrap, Falafel with hummus Pita, Chicken doner with rosemary & chili hummus.

Pocket pinch: ₹4,000 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Website: https://linktr.ee/opabarandcafe

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