• June 16, 2024

Health Complications That Occur From Diabetes

Diabetes has always been one of the major health concerns not only in India but also across the world as well. Currently, there are about eighty million people in this country who are suffering from diabetes. By 2045 it is expected that this number will further rise to make it hundred and thirty-five million diabetic patients in India itself.  A report which has been recently published by IDF states that since 2019, the number has increased by sixteen percent in India making it very alarming for us.

Forty Million Indian Adults Suffers From Impaired Glucose Tolerance

In the IDF report, it has been mentioned that In India forty million adults are currently suffering from IGT which makes them more prone to diabetes. Amongst all other nations in the world, this figure is the second highest. The fact which sends out an alarm is that more than half the people in India who has diabetes are undiagnosed. If diabetes remains undetected or untreated, it leads to severe health complications. 

It may lead to stroke, heart attack, failure of kidneys, amputation of the lower limb, and even blindness. This is such a severe disease that it reduces the quality of life. 

Risk Of Cardiovascular Diseases

The heart is at great risk when a person has diabetes. Due to high levels of sugar in the blood, the flow of blood in the blood vessels gets compromised. This lead to damage to the nerves and the blood vessels which control the heart. Furthermore, there arise many other health complications too such as the risk of heart failure, high levels of cholesterol, and high blood pressure too.

Kidney Disease

A diabetic person always needs to be aware of kidney complications that can occur due to it. People often tend to ignore the signs of kidney disease and by the time it gets serious, it already leads to a great threat to life.  Developing kidney disease is very common for a diabetic patient so the patient needs to be alert about it.

Damage To The Nerves

Diabetes is so much severe that it damages the nerves in the body too. A condition which is called diabetic neuropathy occurs due to it. High sugar levels in the blood damage the blood cells. The nerves stop sending signals to the other parts of the body due to the damage and hence lead to impairment in the different organs of the body. Retinopathy happens to be a common cause due to diabetic neuropathy.

Oral Health

Due to diabetes, the secretion of saliva in the mouth tends to dry out. This builds germs in the mouth. It also inflames the gums which often results in bleeding. Even when you have diabetes, any sores inside the mouth or across any part of the body will take much longer to heal.


Patients suffering from diabetes are more prone to suffering from depression. Because this disease affects the physical health severely the mood and mind get affected too. Diabetic patients often suffer from anxiety and stress.