• May 22, 2024

Goa Passed A New Bill Which Allows The Industries To Purchase Agricultural Lands For Farming

On Tuesday the state Government of Goa said that out of the total announcements that they have made during the budget of 2022 and 2023, thirty-four percent have been taken care of and achieved. The action with regard to the remaining sixty-two percent out of the hundred and seventy announcements will be taken care of in the financial year 2023 and 2024. It involves various projects which will get completed soon.

Yesterday during the assembly the bill on the restriction by Goa on the transfer of agricultural land in 2023 was also introduced. It contains provisions for cooperative farming societies, industries, and non-agriculturists. This shall grant permission to them for buying agricultural land for pursuing farming.

According to the bill, it states that no person who occupies, owns, or has possession of agricultural land will be able to transfer the land as a means of sale. This sale includes the recovery of land revenue arrears, a decree by a civil court, or even a sum recovered as an arrear for the land revenue. Furthermore, it also includes exchanges, gifts, leases, or other transfer modes. These can only work in the favor of a person when he is using them for the purpose of agriculture.

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The bill even prevents the farmers from selling their agricultural lands to persons who will not be using it for agricultural purposes unless the collector in concern gives permission. The permission too will be given under special considerations like when a commercial or industrial undertaking is using the land for the purpose of agriculture in relation to its operations.

One can also transfer the land if needed by the cooperative farming society. When non-agriculturist wishes to start agriculture and has the capacity of cultivating the land personally, the collector may grant permission for the transfer. When a person decides to take up agriculture and buys the land he has to continue farming on that land. Other than the purpose of farming he will not be allowed to use it.

Within three years from the date of discontinuing or abandonment of the farming activity, the land must be returned to the government. No person who holds the land for agricultural reasons can keep the land with him even if he stops farming except for abiding by the procedure the law holds. 

In the bill it has also been mentioned that if anyone tries to go contradictory to the provisions in the sub-sections, it is going to stand as null and void by the law. If questions are raised about whether the land is meant for agricultural purposes or not, an inquiry will be held by the mamlatdar in order to settle the matter.

The provision will not be applicable for certain cases such as giving agricultural land as a mortgage to get a loan that is meant for improving it. It also will not apply to acquisition over having the right for the land by inheritance. For any government project, the transfer of the land will always be in favor of the government.