• June 14, 2024

Planting Guide: Uncover The Most Suitable Vegetables To Sow For A Thriving Home Garden This Summer Season

There are numerous vegetables that one can think of when it comes to gardening. However, there are a few that can be grown even in small areas or spaces. Some of them can be tomatoes, chilies, brinjal, okra, or Ladyfinger. These vegetables are effortless to grow and can be bountiful in terms of saving some money and eating healthy foods. 

So, how do grow okra? For that, one needs to get some okra seeds. Then, they can be grown in soil that receives plenty of sunlight. The seeds can be sown at least 12 inches apart and, they also need water regularly. They take at least fourteen days to show progress or growth. 

Then the second vegetable is cucumber. They follow the same procedure as Ladyfinger. However, they will need support as they are like creeping plants. 

Then comes chilies. There are various kinds, however, we will take green chilies. First, sow them in soil that gets plenty of sunlight. Then, water them regularly. Afterward, you can put them in a separate pot, once the seeds germinate after 14 days.  

Lastly, there is aubergine or brinjal. It can be grown in soil that is moist and receives sunlight. First, you need to sow seeds an inch deep and water them for 14 days. The seeds need to be approximately 18 inches apart. Then, once the seeds are established, you can keep only the healthy plants. In the end, after around 80 days, your brinjal will be ready.  

In the end, always remember to water your plants. It is peculiarly essential in the summer period. Also, keep an eye out for pests or the health of the plant. Then, you can earn the results of your hard work and dedication.

Also, there are veggies like coriander, which can also give you relief from regular outings for supplies. These vegetables are also very important for the body. For example, coriander is good for the heart. It also improves vitamin K. It is great for preventing osteoporosis. 

On the other hand, cucumber can be good for your hydration. It will also enable you to eat less during extremely hot conditions. 

Also, tomatoes are your friend that can avoid heart disease. It can improve the immune system and also reduce cholesterol. It can even prevent your blood from clotting and improve blood flow. 

Lastly, brinjal can be helpful in the case of cancer prevention. It can improve heart disease and also reduce your calories. Thus, it is great for a healthy body.