• June 18, 2024

You Can Now Browse The Internet Through ChatGPT

ChatGPT of OpenAI has now brought in many new possibilities for people. In November 2022 since its launch, the chatbot which is powered by AI has become the talk of the industry very soon. It has the capacity to create content in natural language from different prompts. Within a very short time span, the chatbot has been growing very rapidly bringing multiple reasons to the users for its use. It is capturing the market space at a fast pace.

It looks like now that ChatGPT is about to make a new major plunge very soon. This AI powerhouse which is based in the US has endowed the viral chatbot. It can now surf the internet too. The company unveiled ChatGPT plugins on Thursday. This will allow the bot to get access to the third-party knowledge source and database which includes the web too.

Right now the developers and users who are on the waitlist can find the plugins at Alpha to the ChatGPT. From OpenAI it has been said that right now the premium feature of this service shall be given to a small list of subscribers and developers. And later access shall be given to the larger audiences. The company has also announced that it will roll out a feature that will allow the developers to make their plugins for ChatGPT. 

image source:https://www.cnet.com/a/img/resize/791e7e482890f106ac110d6a525d3211438fa9ef/hub/2023/03/21/cc48c075-075b-47c2-b8fe-c93696a4b45b/gettyimages-1246675509.jpg?auto=webp&fit=crop&height=675&width=1200

In the official blog, the company has mentioned that starting from Thursday, the company is starting to enable the plugins for the collaborators who shall join the ChatGPT services at the earliest. The premium ChatGPT Plus subscribers can make use of the full-fledged services at the moment. 

Among the list of plugins that the company has launched, the most practical and interesting right now is the plugin for web browsing. Through this plugin, you can get any answer delivered to you from the web within seconds. This plugin also has another option which is called the Bing Search API. It retrieves the content, brings the website from where the ChatGPT has delivered answers, and cites resources too.

With the help of the plugin for web browsing, it will allow the users to view how a real-time search was made.  The response will be the summary of the source from where the content has been pulled out. In the case of factual information, the bot shall also cite the source as well.

Browsing The Internet Through ChatGPT 

For ChatGPT, OpenAI will be working over a host of different plugins along with the plugin for web browsing. With the help of this support, a user can easily make travel bookings, and bookings in restaurants, solve complex problems in math and can buy groceries too. All this can be done through the help of some of the early collaborators who are now a part of AI.

However, OpenAI has confirmed that with the ChatGPT services they have taken all the necessary safeguards which will prevent the bot from associating itself with undesirable behaviors.