• June 14, 2024

Threads: An App Similar To Twitter Launched By Instagram

Mark Zuckerberg has announced the launch of Threads. Threads is an application launched by Instagram. This application is a text-based community platform. Due to its similarity with Twitter, it is sure to compete with the popular social media platform.

Even though some features of this application are borrowed from Instagram, the social media platform is entirely new and separate. Since it is a text-based platform like Twitter, it has some similarities with the social media platform.

Features of Threads

image source:https://img.etimg.com/thumb/msid-101542981,width-300,height-225,imgsize-32688,,resizemode-75/what-is-threads.jpg

Recently launched by Meta, the application is a platform where people can have public conversations through texts. Apart from public text messages, people can also share their videos and photos on this application. 

In terms of interaction, users can like, repost, and share each other’s texts, photos, and videos. Apart from that, they can also comment on each other’s posts.

One can easily download this application from Google Play or the App Store. Thus, Android and iOS users can easily access the Threads application. In addition, people can also download the application from its official website.

With its launch, the application is available to people in more than one hundred countries across the globe. India is also one of the countries on the list. However, the application is not currently available in the European Union.

Creating an account on Threads is very easy. It is even easier if the user already has an Instagram account. If the user is already using Instagram, they can create an account on Threads directly with their Instagram credentials. In addition, people who are already logged in on Instagram do not even need a password for Threads.

Like Instagram, the user can choose between a public and a private account. If the user sets their account as private, only their followers would see their posts. However, if the account is set to public, anyone can view and interact with the posts of the user.

Threads application has instantly become popular among Instagram users. Whether it sustains this popularity and gives strong competition to Twitter remains to be seen.