• June 13, 2024

Prevent Dry Eye Discomfort With These 5 Simple Tips

Many people feel their eyes are not functioning healthily or properly for no reason. Dryness in eyes can make eyes damaged making an individual feel very uncomfortable. Approaching the doctor should be the first thing on your mind when the symptoms worsen.

Blurred vision, irritation, and discomfort are a common sign of dry eyes. In most cases, people face dry eye problem because they use phones and laptops for prolonged periods of time. Most eye experts suggests blinking the eyes as much as possible to relieve dry eyes.

Many people do not notice that they blink less. Dry environments and long hours of screen time can make people blink less. You can start practicing some useful blinking exercises to make your eyes moist. 

Dry Eye Discomfort

The simple practice of blinking eyes can evenly spread tears on the eye’s surface. It can prevent discomfort and dryness. It will keep your eyes lubricated. You can use other methods to avoid dry eyes and keep your eyes lubricated.

Be Consistent With Eye Drops

If the eye blinking technique does not feel sufficient, you can head to an eye specialist. You can count on an expert eye specialist and ask them to recommend drops for dry eyes. You should always use preservative-free drops for fast and improved results.

Use Warm Compress For A Few Minutes

Keeping a warm compress on your eyes is a great solution for repairing dry eyes. You can use warm compress on your closed eyelids every morning and evening. Make sure you keep your eyes closed for the next minutes. You can open your eyes and blink fast to spread the moisture.

Don’t Forget To Take Off Your Contact Lenses Before Sleeping

Not all companies offer contact lenses designed for overnight use. You should make it a daily habit to take off your contact lenses before you go to sleep. You can take them off a little time before you sleep in order to give your eyes some time to breathe and relax.

Follow The 20-20-20 Rule.

Using phones and laptops at a stretch can put pressure on the eyes and lead to dry eyes. The only way to prevent dryness in the eyes in such scenarios is by following the 20 minutes screen time, 20 second break, and focus on object 20 feet away rule.

Drink Lots Of Water – Prevent Dehydration

Believe it or not, dehydration is one of the top reasons for dry eyes. Drinking as much water as you can in a day will not only keep your eyes moisturized but also offer other fantastic health benefits. An adequately hydrated body will allow it to produce tears and keep the surface of the eye moist. Inadequate water intake will decrease tear production and intensify dry eye symptoms further.