• June 13, 2024

Female Indian Athletes To Wear Pre-Draped Saree At Paris Olympics Opening Ceremony

At the upcoming Paris Olympics, female athletes representing India will wear pre-draped sarees with a tricolor print to symbolize the pride of the nation. The official ceremonial uniform for female athletes of the nation will be a saree. Previously, female athletes wore sarees during the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, but the sarees were not draped ones. A saffron-colored blouse will also complement the saree, which is a clear representation of courage and strength.

At the upcoming Paris Olympics starting from July 26, 2024, the familiar blue blazers will be replaced by the traditional Indian attire, saree – the official ceremonial uniform. The uniform will feature an Ikat print that is adorned by tricolour impression for symbolizing the pride of the nation. Females will also have to pair their saree with a matching blouse pockets. 

Reportedly leaving the mark of the Indian Olympic Association, the official ceremonial uniform for female athletes will be the perfect blend of modernity and Indian tradition. 

The hand-crafted fabric of the saree to be worn at the Paris Olympics allows the fabric to resist dyeing and, in turn, create intricate patterns. The labor-intensive craftsmanship comes into play on the fabric by adding a delicate and feathery touch to it.

Olympics Opening Ceremony

The exquisite beauty of the pre-draped sarees to be worn by Indian athletes at the Paris Olympics will leave the audience speechless. It is an expensive choice for the opening ceremony but a significant move to represent the culture of India to the world. 

The Paris Olympics 2024 strives to unify the power of the sport on a global scale. The event is scheduled from July 26 to August. Paris Olympics promises to engage the world with its display of determination, athleticism, and camaraderie. 

Athletes from around the glove will be heading for the City of Lights, Paris. They will be converging in Paris with dreams and aspirations to make their nation proud. With iconic backdrops of the Seine River and the Eiffel Tower, athletes from different corners of the world will compete in a myriad of disciplines to showcase their excellence. 

From gymnastics to shooting, athletes are all set to embrace the Paris Olympics that will celebrate different cultures and global talents. Apart from raising the competitive spirit among athletes, Paris Olympics will offer a platform for participants in order to promote diversity, unity, inclusion, and fostering bonds of friendship.

Audience from around the world is waiting for the Paris Olympics to commence with a bated breath. The Paris Olympics 2024 aims to inspire, uplift, and leave an indelible mark in the history of Olympics and ensure the spirit of the famous Olympic movement. 

The male athletes representing India will be wearing traditional kurta-pyjamas at the Paris Olympics. The kurtas will be paired with jackets and official IOA insignia. Both the dresses will have an ivory color design.