• June 14, 2024

PoP And UTSAH: Two New Portals Launched By UGC

Today the University Grants Commission launched two new portals named PoP and UTSAH respectively. In addition to these portals, the UGC also launched a new website under their commission. 

The aim to launch the two portals and the website is to improve the quality of education in India. The two portals and the website will be accessible to students, professors, teachers, and universities. These will provide valuable resources to students, professors, and universities. 

The PoP portal

Professor of Practice is launched by the UGC in accordance with the National Education Policy 2020. Through this portal, all educational institutions in India can connect with professionals with the help of the Internet. This staff of professionals consists of people who are experts in specific fields. 

While any student or professor can seek guidance from these experts, teachers and professors who are experts in their fields can also join as professionals on this portal. 

Through this portal, the experts can share their knowledge and guide those who want to learn. Simultaneously those in pursuit of high-quality knowledge can gain education from this portal.

In this portal, the experts can choose what knowledge they want to share, their experience, work, etc. Experts can even go a step further by choosing if they want to share their location and choice of engagement type.

After the UGC has announced the requirement of staff in specific domains, the number of positions, and other details, universities, and colleges can begin registering on the portal.

The UTSAH portal

The UTSAH portal is different than the PoP portal. This portal will act as a guide for students, teachers, and professors who want to know about UGC’s educational reforms and initiatives to improve the quality of education in India.

This portal will provide students and teachers with all kinds of information about the University Grants Commission. This will include all the information about various topics including research, curriculum development, student support, faculty development, etc.

Thus, the UTSAH portal will act as a comprehensive platform for students and teachers. They can get information about UGC as well as a wide range of domains through this portal.

The UGC website

The new website launched by UGC along with the two portals is an updated website of the commission. This website will be the new official website of the commission.

Image Source : https://static.toiimg.com/thumb/msid-99940663,imgsize-22792,width-400,resizemode-4/99940663.jpg

UGC has updated its old website to make it more user-friendly. Thus, in this new website students and teachers can easily navigate and find information they need.

On this website, users can choose from various categories of information. Thus, students, teachers, and faculties can find their sections and categories on this updated website.

A special section for the National Education Policy 2020 has been given on this website. In this section, students and teachers can read about the policy in detail. The section also includes details about how UGC is implementing the policy by making active educational reforms.

Thus, through these two portals and websites, UGC has updated itself in the best way possible. Even though these might seem like minor changes, they will have a huge impact on the education system of the country in the near future.