• May 22, 2024

On Fingers And Toes, You Can Find Signs Of High Cholesterol Levels

According to an article published in The Times Of India, it is very crucial that the levels of cholesterol are kept under control. Monitoring cholesterol levels regularly can save the body from suffering different health complications. Sometimes you may experience a tingling sensation on the legs and hands. This is caused due to an interruption in the flow of blood across various parts of the body. 

When a person has high levels of cholesterol in the blood, it turns the blood flow thicker. This further leads to an interruption in the normal blood flow across different parts of the body causing a tingling sensation. 

Factors That Contributes To High Cholesterol Levels In The Body

Dr. Tanmai Y Jain who happens to be a Cardiology consultant in Pune’s hospital says that there are many concerning situations and diseases that get aggravated due to a rise in the cholesterol levels in the body. Other than having meals that are rich in fat content, drinking, smoking and not managing the body weight or not exercising leads to storing up of cholesterol in the system. This shall further lead to blockages in the blood vessels and cause fatal conditions such as strokes and heart attacks. 

Cholesterol Levels
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Painful Toes And Fingers

When you experience pain in the toes or the fingers it can be a high chance that your cholesterol levels have increased. When cholesterol has accumulated in the blood arteries or in the legs or hands, the slightest touch can make it feel pain. Even when your toes or fingers give a tingling sensation frequently, it is an indication of high levels of cholesterol in the body.

Yellow Palms Signifies Cholesterol 

According to Dr. Yamal, when the body has hyper cholesterol deposits, the skin especially on the palms, back of the legs, and around the eyes shall appear yellow. This condition is called Xanthelasma. The strange fact is that when it is yellowish around the eyes then you will not feel a tingling sensation across the feet and hands. So, it is important to carefully observe the signs in the body that erupts from high levels of cholesterol. 

Orange And Yellow Marks Around The Eyes

If you find orange or yellow marks on the palms, the back of the lower leg, or on the skin around the eyes it is a sign that the body’s cholesterol levels are high. When the cholesterol levels reach the stage of hyper triglycerides, clusters are formed containing the fatty deposits in the body. Hypertriglyceridemia and high cholesterol lead to neurological and cardiovascular diseases.

High levels of cholesterol in the body have indeed severe consequences to it. So it is important that you notice the signs timely and take medical help. Along with proper medication, a good diet and daily exercise are also required. It is also important to ensure that you are not overweight. if the levels of cholesterol are on the higher side that it is a necessity that you stop your smoking and drinking habit as it shall lead to further serious complications.