• June 13, 2024

Gargi To Expand Their Physical Retail Through Shop-In-Shop Format

Gargi by P N Gadgil & Sons is one of the path-breaking fashion jewellery chains in India. Now they have accomplished another landmark in their journey of transforming the fashion jewellery segment in India. 

After the dream debut of their IPO in the Bombay Stock Exchange at the end of 2022, the company was able to enter contact with another Shopper, Stops.

This contract will allow Gargi to expand their physical retail footprint through the Shop-in-Shop model. The company already has a presence in stores in places like Vashi, Mumbai, and Thane, and they are also planning to have more than six stores in the upcoming six months.

Gargi was founded by Aditya Modak, who belongs to the iconic group of the Gadgil & Sons family. This endeavour of PNGS was introduced to cover the massive gap in the fashion jewelry segment of India regarding high-quality artificial jewellery. This is generally considered an area that still needs to be covered by other brands.

This young charted accountant has been experimenting with revolutionizing this area with the help of highly loved and successive designer collections. One example of this situation is their playful Kaleida collection in the summer season. This collection symbolizes modern women keen and assertive to enter the world and mark their presence irrespective of weather conditions.

image source:https://mediabrief.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/IMAGE-gargi-expand-its-physical-retail-footprint-MEDIABRIEF.jpg

They are currently working on a new collection that will be released soon. The collection Kaleida summer special is made of brass and silver, which is described as highly creative and has successfully delivered an impeccable style statement to all of its wearers.

The collection expands access to a high-level majestic fashion jewellery collection. Currently, the brand has also signed an agreement with Shopper Stops, which will allow them to open shop-in-shop retail facilities at their stores across India. 

As the new development plan continues, the brand will build a solid physical retail presence through franchise-owned, shop-in-shop, and company-owned exclusive retail stores.

The brand is also coming up with a wide range of exclusive offline shops in all of the major cities across India. The co-founder of Gargi by PNGS spoke on this matter by stating that the brand Gargi acquires a mission, and they are also receiving wonderful responses from all of their quarters.

They have been transitioning into an omnichannel fashion jewellery brand with the beginning of the establishment of their physical retail with the presence of their stores in various places. 

For the further expansion of its brand in the market, the brand is also open to collaboration with other brands and is in talks with other people to launch a franchise model.

The first exclusive brand store of the brand is getting ready in Pune, and the people working behind it are highly confident that it will launch in the second half of 2023. Overall, they are continuing with their dream and are also confident about putting on a show which will be even better this year.

One of the most interesting facts about the brand Gargi is that the name is derived from the ancient Indian female scholar Gargi who belonged to the Ramayana era. Also, these names belong to one of the many names used to refer to Goddess Durga.