• July 20, 2024

Zomato Has A New Announcement For 1.6 Cr Job At IIT Delhi Campus, Claims Take That The Process Has Happened Before

Recently Zomato has started offering a massive opportunity to the students at IIT Delhi Campus with jobs for over 1.6 Cr for the position of Algorithms Engineer during the season placements take place.

The online food delivery platform has an extensive and an interesting approach that seems to have created hype amongst everyone in the north Delhi campus. A research intern at the IIT campus, Hrithik Talwar, reportedly informed about this and posted about this headlining the title as a ‘high-profile job opportunity’.

When the opportunity popped up, he also informed me that he took back the offer leaving everybody in immense shock at what had happened. However, it has been concrete proof that Zomato is not the only company that has done this. The same thing has been done earlier by big giant techs such as Meta and Google.


It was told that this was initiated and done this year only. When Meta announced an offer it suddenly withdrew it and removed people from the job position claiming importance to more specific jobs and the reason sounded pretty bizarre to the audience. 

Due to the withdrawal of the recent Zomato offer, people had various discussions and debates over the company’s authenticity which was at stake. It was debated earlier that it could either be a typo mistake or a diplomatic marketing strategy.

It is no game play or a hidden fact that Zomato is one of the largest and most known companies for food delivery in our country, serving for years. The strategy was indeed copied from the earlier tech giants and therefore seems to have raised a doubtful thought in the minds of the audience through media.