• July 20, 2024

Kavish Sinha: His Work And Ideology Of Being A Casting Director

Kavish Sinha is a popular name as a casting director. In this interview, we will talk about Kavish’s casting director journey, work, and ideologies.

Kavish Sinha is a passionate casting director and is seriously dedicated to his work. He owns a casting company called On-My-Kayroll. He is known for bringing new faces to the industry. Recently he got praised for casting fresh faces in series like Undekhi, Mumbai Diaries, and Rocket Boys.

In the interview with HT, Kavish Sinha shares how he got into this field of work and what ideologies he believes in.

How Kavish got into this field?

  • Kavish has a background working in journalism, advertisement, and social media marketing. He was 30 when he entered the field. He wanted a career change, and casting seemed to be the reason for his serendipity.
  • He started his journey by assisting another casting director. He once met Shanoo Sharma, a casting head at Yash Raj Films. He was fascinated by the work and his dedication. Inspired by his style of working, Kavish asked Shanoo if he could assist and Shanoo agreed.
Source: https://www.filmibeat.com/bollywood/news/2022/exclusive-interview-casting-director-kavish-sinha-i-don-t-think-casting-couch-happens-anymore/articlecontent-pf325363-332110.html

How Kavish started his journey:

  • After assisting and working with Shanoo Sharma for a year he set up his firm for casting. He named it On-My-Kayroll. His background in the film had given him an advantage, and thus he started casting for OTT platform shows. His early work of casting for the Lakhon Mein Ek show for Prime Video was the breakthrough of his career.
  • Kavish firmly believes in introducing new faces to the industry and breaking from the same set list of actors. He and his knowledge of advertisement helped him well in identifying emerging talents.
  • Kavish Sharma has stated that he is satisfied with finding the best-hidden talents for the industry. He states that’s their job after all. He says people often forget them because of a lack of interaction after they get the work. They are not credited and he doesn’t blame them.  

Kavish’s ideology to bring a new face to the industry:

He says that many shows want famous or seasoned actors to play the role. However, this task gets cumbersome as there are only a few such actors and the demand is high. It gives rise to availability problems.

Gone are the times when having good physic would be one of the deciding factors for your career. Now, the younger generation of actors is preparing for their art and backing their careers with the required skills.

He says that initially, it was difficult to push forward new talents. This was because the directors wanted only established actors to work for their films and other media. However, this has changed over the past 5 – 6 years with the invasion of OTT platforms and OTT shows.

He has seen and experienced that the directors are now more open to new talents and willing to work with fresh faces. He states that this gives them a high of introducing new talent and making them new stars.