• June 19, 2024

Field Candidates Of The Choice Of State Association Will Be Allowed In The Asian Games Wrestling Trials

Even if these applicants are deserving, the ad hoc commission established by the IOA will probably permit the state wrestling organization to field them in the Asian game trials don’t meet the new selection policy for the quadrennial extravaganza’s requirement of being a medal winner in one of the specified tournaments.

In the third week of June, the Asian Games trials are anticipated to take place. This week, the precise date of these trials will be announced. Asian Games last year were postponed due to the pandemic, but this year, they said to unfold in the Chinese city of Hangzhou from September 23.

Last year Policy was devised by WFI, which allowed only the medal winners from the national championships, Federation Cup, and the national ranking tournaments and international tournaments, apart from all the talented juniors, to compete in these trials.

Bhupendra Singh Bajwa, one of the ad-hoc panel members, suggested conducting open trials. Still, the referees and the coaches advised him to be strict to medal prospects only, according to the sources by a.

A source also stated that finishing the trials would be very difficult if we conducted the open trials in the given time. Then a new thing was proposed if a candidate is considered worthy by the state Association but does not meet the criteria of being a medalist, they can allow such a candidate in the trials for the Asian games.

A source also stated that the associations would soon take a final decision, and the trials are expected to come around June 20. A final date will also be announced in a day or two. WFI has been working towards affiliating 25 States units in this matter.

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The number of participants is expected to rise considerably if all state associations feel the candidate of their choice in each of the ten categories available in all three styles. Several wrestling coaches, referees, Bajwa, and SAI officials attended the meeting on this matter.

The IOA appointed a panel to oversee the general operations of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI), and this meeting marked the panel’s second meeting on the subject. Bajwa held the first round of discussions with the necessary people in Meerut.

One of the other major news is that all of the wrestlers that have protesting will not be stopped from completing. as many Elite wrestlers like Bajrang Punia and VineshPhogat, who are taking part in the sit-in protest against the wf5 chief Bridge Bhushan Singh, will not be stopped from taking part in the trials for the Asian games.

Another source has also stated that has also been part of the meeting that it was not mentioned or discussed that there would be any restrictions on the players that are participating in the going on protest. Mr Bajwa wanted to give a fair opportunity to every deserving candidate on their claim for the selection to the Indian team.

Another major part of the product, Sakshi Malik, will not be able to compete in the trials as her name did not include in the long list that was sent to the IOA by the WFI.