• June 18, 2024

Does The Most Recent Twitch Update Heavily Hint At The Release Of CS2?

Twitch renames CS:GO to Counter-Strike, presumably hinting at the impending release of CS2. Fans conjecture about a combative scene change. This week’s change in Counter-Strike’s name on Twitch has fans more optimistic about the impending release of CS2. The name of the popular first-person shooter has been condensed by the streaming service to Counter-Strike, presumably a sign that it is about to come to an end.

Recent Twitch Update

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game’s entire name used to appear beneath the recognizable image of a CT standing in front of the yellow and blue background on the Amazon-owned platform. The name has changed, but the image is still present. This coincides with Valve’s Twitter announcement of the full release of CS2, which could be the first indication that the Source 2 update is poised to take over.

Players also noticed the change in CS2’s name. The Source 2 updated title used to have a Counter-Strike 2 handle, but now it has been recognized as a beta test by Twitch. CS2 now has the name of Counter-Strike 2: Limited Test, as of today. This has only added more hype to the situation. Rumors and hints have been circulating in the Counter-Strike community this week, with the devs adding more fuel to the fire.

Fans of Counter-Strike wonder if this will result in a change in the competitive landscape. Although it is still unclear whether CS2 will soon replace CS:GO in esports, it appears that not everyone is happy about its takeover in the casual sector either. Once CS2 is out, players will have to patiently wait for Valve to make any announcements regarding its place in the tournament scene.

Twitch changes the name of CS:GO to Counter-Strike, presumably signaling the impending release of CS2. Fans speculate on the transition of the competitive landscape.