• June 19, 2024

Coke Zero, Honthon Pe, The New Marketing Campaign Of Coca-Cola With Tiger Shroff

According to a report published in ET Brand Equity, the newly introduced Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is all set to refresh millions of fans across India holding hands with the campaign Best Taste Ever? The brand has roped in Tiger Shroff the youth icon for its latest campaign Best Taste Ever? One of the spokespersons from the brand has informed that the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is targeted towards the youth who are health conscious.

The brand does not want them to miss out on the joys of having Coca-Cola. This new product from the brand shall make the youth have a refreshing drink without any guilt and as the tagline vouches for, it is going to be the best taste ever too. Furthermore, it has also been shared that this new Coca-Cola drink will also give a chance to have a sip occasionally, to the elderly.  

Coca-Cola With Tiger Shroff
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In a press release the company stated that through this concept, the main purpose of the brand has been to bring together the best of both worlds. Along with giving the refreshes of Coca-Cola, it also brings an alternative to consumers who are keen on a balanced lifestyle. The company had further said that when it came to choosing the face for promotion they could not think of anyone better than Tiger Shroff who represents today’s youth in India. Shroff will immensely support the brand in bonding the brand and especially this product with the millennials and youths in India.

In relevance to the Beverages for life strategy of the company, this innovation in the product also renders support to the pursuit of efforts in low-calorie and non-calorie options of beverages for people who are looking for relishing the taste of Coca-Cola and leading a balanced lifestyle too.  The company feels that in the new campaign, Shroff adds his freshness, charm, and exuberance to the brand. He also happens to be the fitness icon of India and so just like any other youngster too will never want to make any compromises where taste is concerned. 

Through the process of this integrated marketing campaign, the brand looks forward to spreading out the word and sparking a conversation about this newly launched Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. They also wish to highlight the fact that the taste is irresistible. 

Currently, this campaign is being aired on TV, and digital media and also is seen outdoors, in retail, and on social media platforms as well. Kaushik Prasad who happens to be the Director Of Marketing for Coca-Cola in India has said that they are very excited about this product and this is their best product till now in the market. Despite having no calories it also has a very similar taste to the original taste of Coca-Cola. He thinks that this fantastic combination of the product is going to make it irresistible. 

The CEO of Ogilvy India Sukesh Nayak has said that when they have said to people that the taste of it is just like the former Coca-Cola and has no calories their reaction was, really? This added the fun around the whole concept of its launch and so the campaign has been designed around the reaction of the people.