• June 19, 2024

What Is CarryMinati Net Worth?

CarryMinati is a known personality on YouTube and social media. Read this article, where we talk about the estimated CarryMinati net worth.

About CarryMinati:

The real name of CarryMinati is Ajey Nagar. He was born on June 12, 1999, in Faridabad, Haryana.

The career of CarryMinati:

He started his career at the young age of 10 year old. He started his YouTube channel, where he uploaded gaming videos with his commentary in the back.

Later he started mimicking a Bollywood star and gained much popularity. As the channel grew, he started uploading roasting videos on various topics, people, and more. It gained him a lot of subscribers and popularity. After several name changes, he settled to name his channel ‘CarryMinati’. 

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He also created a gaming channel called ‘Carry is Live’, where he streams games. Gaming and roasting grew his fanbase by a great proportion. He got praised and also criticized for the same by many.

Carry was also interested in making rap and music. He with his brother Yash Nagar, that is a producer, made a few songs and diss tracks. These were successful as well.

He has a great social media presence and a huge follower base. Brands have selected him for brand endorsement to promote their products.

He made a Bollywood acting debut in a movie produced by Ajay Devgan.

CarryMinati net worth:

CarryMinati net worth is a contribution of diversified work done by him as follows:

  • YouTube contributes a lot to his net worth. He has 2 YouTube channels targeting different audiences.
  • He has produced work in music multiple times.
  • He has worked in various shows and movies.
  • He has been selected for brand endorsement by many brands.

The estimated net worth of CarryMinati is said to be around INR 30 crore.