• June 19, 2024

Bhupendra Singh Rathore Net Worth And Works

When it comes to motivational speakers in India, Bhupendra Singh Rathore is a name that cannot go without being included. Bhupendra Singh Rathore is one of the finest motivational speakers in India. A life and business coach who inspires many and transforms their life. Bhupendra is also a very well-known corporate trainer.

Who is Bhupendra Singh Rathore? A brief introduction

Bhupendra Singh Rathore is a great orator who is popularly known as BSR. He also has a YouTube channel named CoachBSR that has more than 2 million subscribers. He is a TEDx speaker and an international author who has written two self-improvement books.

Bhupendra Singh

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Bhupendra Singh Rathore has dedicated his life to the transformation of the underprivileged into achievers. However, there always remains the curiosity regarding people like Bhupendra Singh Rathore as to how much is their net worth.

Bhupendra Singh Rathore net worth has been estimated to be around some 10 Crore. This is an estimated figure. Bhupendra Singh Rathore’s monthly income is estimated to be somewhere between 2-5 Lakhs.

Motivational speech sessions both domestically and abroad are the major contributors to his net worth. His work as a motivational speaker also earned him a lot of reputation. Bhupendra Singh Rathore also collaborated with Tony Robbins. Collaborations like this also act as a source of income for him and further add to his net worth.

His Involvement in the Bada Business sessions is yet another source of his income. Not to forget, Bhupendra Singh Rathore net worth also has his earnings through his YouTube channel and sale of books as the building blocks.

Bhupendra Singh Rathore is a self-built person who carries the potential to inspire people with his extraordinary oratory skills and powerful words. His skills and experience over the years are the reason that he has reached this great height.