• June 14, 2024

Aviacons Uncovers How Aviation Industry Must Adapt Pilot Training In A Post-COVID-19 Reality

Pilot Training In A Post-COVID-19 Reality

Aviacons, the leading pilot training services company in India specializing in premier aviation training, announced today how adapting pilot training in a post-COVID-19 world has become the need of the hour. This discussion was led by the Founder and Director of Aviacons, Captain Shahinsha SK, who highlighted how preparing the next generation of aviation professionals is worth acknowledging.

“The COVID-19 outbreak temporarily grounded the aviation industry. Now, airlines are at risk as air travel returns. The widespread aviation sector must change the way pilots are trained in order to ensure there is no pilot shortage in the middle to long term. Well-trained pilots are the need of the fast-growing aviation industry right now. And Aviacons is designing all the required pathways, heavily contributing to a professional training system in the industry, and contributing to the same,” says the Founder and Director of the company, Captain Shahinsha SK.

In the post-COVID world, pilot training institutes must rethink their pilot training strategy. Pilots and pilots in the making will need updates and renewals to their licenses. The regulators must also make changes to the training process. There will be a need to overcome the heavy deficiencies in the Civil Aviation Regulations pertaining to the training of pilots. Creating a more straightforward path for next-generation aviation professionals, including women, should be considered.

In order to meet the growing demand for skilled professionals in the post-COVID-19 reality, Aviacons has introduced an array of industry-specific courses in-house as well as with technical collaboration with institutes and ATOs/FTOs from across the globe. Centrally located in Hyderabad, Aviacons prides itself on its excellent understanding of the industry requirements and growth potential.

Solving the impending shortage challenges requires a variety of solutions. For instance, for every twenty flights taken, just one of them is piloted by a woman. In order to make up for the future shortfall in the aviation sector, searching for ways to shift this percentage is also the need of the hour.

Aviacons believes in imparting world-class aviation training programs to professional pilots, student pilots, and aviation industry enthusiasts. The premier aviation training institute is backed by some of the most experienced professionals in pilot training, theoretical training, and business and finance operations in the Airline & GA Sectors. Over the years, Aviacons has helped more than 1500 aspiring pilots in their incredible journey from classroom to cockpit.

Aviacons has adapted multiple strategies to train pilots and make their training courses accessible to them. In addition to overcoming traditional barriers that prevent aspiring pilots from pursuing a career in the field, Aviacons is opening up opportunities for prospective pilots from less privileged backgrounds to enjoy world-class pilot training at affordable prices. Without comprising quality, the Aviacons training institute is a way to fast-track pilots into an airline environment.