• June 15, 2024

AIIMS Wants To Eliminate The Ph.D. Selection Interview

According to an office document, it has been firmly indicated that there is an emerging need for revising the selection procedure for Ph.D. and award of Institute Fellowship at AIIMS New Delhi during director Dr. M. Srinivas’ interactions with faculty, Ph.D. students, and scientists.

To increase transparency, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has proposed eliminating interviews from all phases of the Ph.D. selection process and replacing them with written exams.

The administration also suggested starting 40-50 Ph.D. Subject to the required permissions from statutory bodies of AIIMS and the Government of India, the allocation of a budget of Rs 200 crore for institute fellowships at par with the Prime Minister’s Research Fellows (PMRF) scheme.  This was done to enable high-impact research at the institute.

These are some changes the AIIMS administration proposed for Tuesday’s Ph.D. selection and Institute Fellowship awarding processes.

According to an office memo released on Tuesday, it was strongly suggested that there is an urgent need to reform the selection process for Ph.D. and award of Institute Fellowship at AIIMS New Delhi during director Dr. M. Srinivas’ interactions with the faculty, Ph.D. students, and scientists.

This is necessary, it added, to advance the AIIMS’s reputation for high-caliber research and raise our position in the NIRF research rankings.

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Additionally, it has come to light through the conversation above that an internal finance mechanism is required to boost the admission of deserving Ph.D. candidates and grant Institute Fellowships.

“The selection procedure must be unbiased, open, and based on written exams (MCQs and OSCE/OSPE).” The memorandum said that there would never be an interview.

Additionally, it said that the DM/MCh entrance exam and Ph.D. admission exam should be held nationwide every two years.

In order to facilitate the early adoption of these suggested reforms, it was stated further that “the academic section has been asked to examine the same and initiate appropriate agendas for further deliberations in the Staff Council, Academic Committee, and Standing Finance Committee.”